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Port Facilities


The performance of port facilities is crucial because it affects a country’s trade competitiveness.

To remain commercially and competitively viable, port authorities, owners, and operators must continue to meet the ever changing demands of the world's shipping industry by keeping their facilities suitable to accommodate greater trade volumes, larger vessels and increasing port security.

We stand ready to provide a full range of services to port and marine terminal facilities stakeholders, including:

  • advisory
  • strategic planning
  • master planning
  • design
  • construction management
  • financial analysis and planning
  • environmental studies
  • operations planning
  • performance reviews
  • program management
  • facility maintenance/ management.

We address the total supply chain system from the waterside through the port complex and to landside access and transportation infrastructure. We have successfully worked on greenfield ports, modernization of existing ports, facilities for storage, handling, and trans-shipment, including the provision of training, procurement, security assessment and enhancement, and annual infrastructure inspection and audit services.

For additional information on how we can assist you, contact us.