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Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnics calls upon various earth sciences such as soil, rock and backfill mechanics, geology, hydrogeology, geophysics and engineering. Understanding the soil conditions is essential to any development, transportation or infrastructure project. At WSP, we provide focused geotechnical engineering investigation, assessment, design, and construction services for projects of all sizes.


Geotechnical investigations help bring to light risks and opportunities. That is why we focus on the following service offerings for our clients: from geotechnical site and alignment selection to natural hazard assessment, to small building, high rise towers and condominiums, city-wide tunneling and highway solutions, to geotechnical engineering in support of civil and structural design. WSP is accredited under the Ministry of Transportation Registry, Appraisals and Qualifications System (RAQS) for Tunneling, Foundations and Pavements.

WSP provides consulting services in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and hydrogeology, primarily for public infrastructure projects. We provide our expertise in these disciplines to a wide range of infrastructure projects such as the planning, design, and construction of pipelines, tunnels, pump stations, municipal buildings, roads, bridges, light rail systems, dams, reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment facilities, outfalls, retaining walls, embankments, airports and port facilities, seismic upgrades,  dam assessments and hydro power projects, geotechnical assessments for mines, pits, quarries and landfills, and renewable energy projects.

We are Canada’s leading provider of advanced geotechnical testing for PDA (Dynamic Pile Analyses), full-scale pile load tests on all types of piles including compression, tension and lateral loading conditions.

WSP prides itself on its technical expertise and ingenuity, delivering innovative geotechnical services across a broad range of projects nationwide.

  • Site Characterization, Soil and rock investigation
  • Retaining Wall and Reinforced Earth Analysis and Design
  • Ground Improvement/Densification Techniques
  • Excavation Shoring Systems evaluation and monitoring and underpinning
  • Deep Foundation Design, Pile Driving Analysis and load testing
  • Construction Field Review and Inspection and Testing Services
  • Construction Dewatering Studies, Design and Permits to Take Water
  • Slope and Excavation Stability, Terrain Assessments, and Natural Hazard Assessments
  • Geotechnical Foundation Design for Commercial, Industrial, and Marine Structures Bearing capacity and settlement analysis
  • Foundation systems including soil dynamics (Machine Foundations)
  • Real-time vibration monitoring (construction sites)
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Tunneling and Dam investigation, including Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Dam Safety
  • Liquefaction and Seismic  Considerations for structural design
  • Expert testimony, including geotechnical forensic investigations
  • Geotechnical mining


Scott Peaker
Scott Peaker Market Sector Leader
Olivier Joyal
Olivier Joyal Vice President Environment Quebec
Clayton Rogers
Clayton Rogers Manager Geotechnical - Nova Scotia