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Aviation Engineering & Project Management

For any traveller, a visit to an airport has a massive impact upon the overall perception of air travel, as well as the host city. While so much goes on behind the scenes 24 hours day, the user-experience should be as safe, smooth and seamless as possible.


There is so much more to an airport than meets the eye. The landside / airside interface, airfield configuration, navigation aids, de-icing facilities, and storm water management facilities must all be designed specifically for each particular environment in order to ensure safe and efficient operations around the clock.  

WSP provides a full spectrum of aviation engineering solutions, including engineering design, construction inspection / administration, and project management. Our design experience transforms a project from the initial conceptual plans through detailed design and construction.

Our expertise includes:

  • Greenfield airport development
  • Airside infrastructure reconstruction, expansion and new facility development
  • Airfield electrical such as Approach Lighting Systems and Edgelights
  • Drainage and Storm Water Management Facilities
  • De-Icing Facilities
  • Navigational Aid Site Servicing
  • Obstruction and Flight Path Surveys
  • Development of detailed Plan of Construction Operations and Airside Safety Plans
  • Surface and Rooftop Heliport Development and detailed Design
  • Landside Access Roads and Carparks
  • Landside Utilities and Site Servicing
  • Landside Lighting and Wayfinding

Our aviation experts were brought in to navigate the harsh conditions and define a crystal clear vision for the airport's future.



James Gunn
James Gunn Director, Aviation Western Canada
+1 587 475-4146