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Aviation Software & Information Systems

WSP has developed a number of software and information system solutions that are available to the aviation community. These products are supported and maintained by WSP and are continuously updated to reflect customer feedback and the use of the latest software technology.


In addition to customized one off solutions developed for specific customers, WSP currently offers two critical airport-centric software solutions: ALFA and AvGIS.


Airport Landing Fee and Revenue Management – ALFA

Airports generate revenue in very unique ways including fees based on aircraft movements, aircraft services, passenger traffic, and many other fees. In many cases, these processes are unique to the individual airport and environment in which they operate; managing and processing this information can be a very complex and resource intensive task.

ALFA Airport Revenue Management System BrochureALFA is a powerful airport billing and revenue management software solution designed to balance ease of use with the flexibility required by airports of all sizes to invoice customers, examine airport traffic, manage lease and concession revenue, and much more. Our software has been designed as an efficient and flexible tool to manage these processes through a high degree of automation, customizable functionality, and ease of use.

More information on the ALFA Microsite


Airport Vicinity Land Use Analysis and Management – AvGIS

The primary function of the web based AvGIS Software is to assist airport operators, regulators, private land developers and municipal planners to identify airport related land use constraints in the vicinity of and on airport lands.

AvGIS provides a single all-encompassing web-based query, analysis and reporting tool to assess any location and to identify all related aeronautical restrictions including, operational obstacle limitation surfaces, bird hazard zones, airport noise exposure forecast contours, and many more. What used to take airport operators hours to assess can now be completed in less than 5 minutes by staff who do need training in the regulations dictating the complex protection surfaces surrounding airports.



Robert Paris
Robert Paris Senior Project Manager Aviation