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Energy is critical to modern society. From heating our homes to operating our businesses, to lighting our roads, anything we use and consume embodies energy. At WSP, we facilitate the process of generating energy from its source to our communities in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

We provide our expertise to governments, utility and energy companies, energy developers, contractors and manufacturers.

How we source, process and use energy, including accessibility to affordable and clean energy, is a topic of growing importance today. At WSP, we consider all potential contributions to sustainability, using our extensive knowledge in assessing energy sources, energy management, and potential challenges of connecting generation resources to the electrical grid.

120+ WSP offices across Canada including 3 Centres of Expertise in Energy, 200+ WSP professionals specializing in Energy, 1,000+ Successful Energy projects delivered in Canada.

As an established and active player in the Energy Sector, we provide a one-stop approach comprising a complete range of multidisciplinary engineering services, project management and energy environmental solutions. However complex or large the project, our experts possess the skills and latest tools to achieve optimal results.

With over 200 Energy professionals from coast to coast, we have successfully delivered over a thousand projects in all corners of the world to our institutional and private sector clients. Our proven track record and comprehensive portfolio truly make us the energy experts of choice.



Hydropower works with communities and clients across the country. Our multidisciplinary team employs the latest tools to find the most appropriate solutions.
The efficient bulk transfer of energy requires sound strategy and expertise. WSP offers tailored services to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Dams help control river flow and provide water to nearby communities. Our experts possess over 25 years of experience in working with retaining structures.
As a source of clean, non-polluting electricity, wind energy is one of the fastest growing new electricity sources. WSP is a trusted global provider of advisory services and engineering solutions in wind energy.
Solar power is steadily increasing in popularity in Canada and WSP is at the forefront, providing a complete range of engineering and environmental services for photovoltaic solar energy projects.
WSP understands that water-related issues lie at the heart of industrial and urban development, energy production and sustainable development. We offer services in all fields of water engineering.
With its capacity to convert biomass to energy and fuels, bioenergy has become a popular energy source. WSP experts are committed to meeting our clients’ unique project requirements.
Bathymetric and hydrometric surveys help bring clarity to marine projects. WSP is recognized for rapid mobilization of field teams and capacity to succeed.
Combining various engineering activities related to soil and rock mechanics, our highly skilled team carries out projects in an efficient manner all year-round.



Harnessing wind power in -40°C Arctic temperatures.

Key Contacts

Sébastien Fecteau
Vice President, Energy
Tel: +1 581 814-5673