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Air Quality

Air quality plays an important role in our daily lives as it affects our health, comfort and productivity. The quality of air to which we are exposed can be evaluated in order to identify various pollution sources, as well as to control the level of exposure to these pollutants and to adopt the appropriate corrective measures. As part of WSP’s continued commitment to provide quality services by leading professionals, we are pleased to offer an expanded service line to assist with air quality by providing solutions for ambient, atmospheric and indoor air challenges.


Air quality consulting services are required for a wide range of issues for which WSP can provide project specific solutions. From industrial clients to municipalities, WSP is equipped with industry knowledge, scientific equipment and experience to tackle the most complex assignments.

Our services:

  • Ambient Air Quality Modelling and Monitoring Programs
  • Emission Control/Prevention and Emission Testing
  • Emission Inventories and Strategic Studies
  • Regulatory Annual Environmental Reporting (e.g. NPRI, O.Reg.127)
  • Environmental Permitting (e.g. ECA, O.Reg.419)
  • Real-time Modelling and Monitoring Services, Computer Applications and Environmental Databases
  • Odour Migration Pathway Investigations in Buildings (Using Tracer Gas)
  • Odour Sampling & Migration Investigations
  • Stack/Source Testing
  • Quality Assurance Plan for Air Monitoring
  • Modelling and Prediction of Air Quality Impacts
  • Regional Air Quality and Meteorological Modelling
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations, Occupational Exposure, LEED Indoor Air Sampling
  • Specialized Weather forecasting;
  • Visible Emissions / Opacity Training
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Management, and Audits


Alex Schutte
Alex Schutte Air Quality Specialist
Pascal Rhéaume
Pascal Rhéaume Chef d'équipe
+1 819 375-8550, 344