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Archaeology & Heritage

WSP is committed to providing the expert advice that enables our clients to make informed decisions for the future of their built and natural landscape. We so do while keeping the character of these landscapes intact and empowering clients as custodians who connect heritage with the future.


Have the confidence in WSP’s over 50 years of experience working with archaeology, built heritage and cultural heritage landscapes. Our team contributes to the identification, mitigation of developmental impacts and conservation of cultural heritage resources across Canada, delivering solutions that respect the environmental, aesthetic, cultural, and historical values that shape our communities and their collective identities. We liaise extensively with the public, local architectural conservation advisory committees, and other stakeholders, and are active members and participants in the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP), the Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA), the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation, the National Trust for Canada, and the Association for Preservation Technology. We have advised on archaeological sites, landscapes, structures and monuments of every classification in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Our Services


  • Property assessment
  • Cultural resource management
  • Special places
  • Archaeological overview assessments
  • Archaeological inventory or surveys
  • Archaeological impact assessments
  • Implementation of mitigation strategies
  • Archaeological analysis
  • Monitoring the condition of archaeological resources
  • Master plan development


  • Built heritage assessments
  • Heritage streetscape revitalization and design
  • Heritage urban design
  • Cultural heritage landscape surveys, analysis, research and evaluation
  • Historic site restoration
  • Cultural heritage landscape design and restoration


  • Heritage planning policy
  • Heritage conservation district studies and plans


  • GIS
  • Augmented reality
  • 3D modeling
  • Laser scanning


  • Structural evaluation of existing buildings
  • Structural design of new additions to existing buildings
  • Seismic retrofit of existing buildings and structures
  • Bridge evaluation and retrofit
  • Façade evaluation, repair design, contract administration and construction review
  • Performance modelling of existing wall/window assemblies for durability and retrofit


Douglas Yahn
Douglas Yahn National Archaeology, Heritage and Indigenous Relations Discipline Lead
Reed Hentze
Reed Hentze Manager, Environment
Dany Dumont
Dany Dumont Directeur Environnement, Trois-Rivières
+1 819 375-8550, 309