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Environmental Planning, Permitting & Impact Assessments

All projects must obtain environmental approvals prior to the commencement of work. At WSP, our environmental experts pursue a single objective: working together with our clients in order to design projects that meet current environmental requirements while ensuring that governmental authorizations are issued within critical project deadlines. We offer a strategic support to our clients throughout the authorization process drawing on our multidisciplinary expertise, which covers environmental impact studies, stakeholder consultation, negotiations with relevant authorities, permit applications and construction authorizations. In addition, we carry out environmental monitoring required under various authorization conditions, including monitoring of ground/surface water, air/soil quality, communities, flora and fauna.


With our multidisciplinary team of sociologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, geographers, heritage specialists, economists and communications experts, we are well positioned to analyze the human environments in which projects are undertaken. Leveraging our cutting-edge knowledge of the sector with 30 years of experience, WSP’s professionals are well aware that the concept of social acceptability is crucial to project success. Over the past three decades, we have helped our clients to position and optimize their projects with a view to maximizing acceptance by the populations affected either directly or indirectly. Projects’ social acceptability hinges on multi-sector studies and opinion/perception surveys, as well as on communications with stakeholders. These processes make it possible not only to implement projects with higher levels of social acceptance, but also to adapt them more effectively to the local context. In addition, our strategic planning team helps clients to design and implement long-term strategic and economic planning objectives, including sustainable development planning.

Our Services

  • Class environmental assessments
  • Individual environmental assessment
  • Transit project assessment process
  • Federal environmental assessment
  • Environmental assessment policy, standards, and guidelines
  • Consultation and community engagement
  • Traditional land use studies
  • Environmental permitting and approvals
  • Environmental compliance programs
  • Environmental monitoring programs


Jason Herzog
Jason Herzog Director Environment
Sandy Nairn
Sandy Nairn National Manager Environmental Planning
Martin Larose
Martin Larose Vice-président Environnement et Opérations
Sean Cassidy
Sean Cassidy Manager Environment - Nova Scotia