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Pipeline Projects

Two mandates of the pipeline industry in Canada are efficiency and safety. Having surveyed more than 100,000 km of pipeline right-of-way projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, we understand pipelines.


WSP’s survey professionals work closely with our clients from the planning and route selection to construction phases, using technological innovation and specialized expertise to ensure pipeline projects are safely completed on time and within budget, regardless of their complexity.

Our unique approach to pipeline project work includes built-in quality assurance and control procedures that allow us to collect survey and pipeline data digitally, receive immediate validation and achieve near real-time download to the office. Integrity checks and verification are built into the workflow. The development and use of custom GIS tools and applications not only provide the best possible quality assurance and most efficient overall project management, but provide a trustworthy database for integrity management.


  • Planning, Mapping and GIS for Route Identification
  • Survey Services, including Preliminary, Legal, Construction and As-Built
  • Materials Management and Integrity
  • Data Management and GIS
  • Plan Production


Damian Gillis
Damian Gillis Vice President Business Development Geomatics