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Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities. Both in Canada and across the world, we are witnessing urbanisation on an unprecedented scale. Each city comes with its own set of complexities, however, across the board, one major challenge facing the vast number of urban areas stands out: transforming their ageing infrastructure.

The infrastructure engineers who live and work in these growing metropolises must lay the foundations for infrastructure that can adapt over time, in parallel with our changing lifestyles. Cities must be created to be resilient and continue to provide opportunities for employment while offering comfortable living. There is a pressing need to dramatically reduce the energy and water use of established cities and the amount of waste they produce, but there are many political and economic barriers to the substantial changes that are required. Cities are where future economic growth will be concentrated – but that growth must be decoupled from negative environmental and social impacts.

With over 50 years of infrastructure engineering experience through working with city managers and developers, WSP’s infrastructure team has the technical expertise to deliver infrastructure on par with the world’s best. Our local teams work in their communities, while benefitting from WSP infrastructure expertise from around the globe.


Our track record also includes a wide range of projects adapted to specific regional conditions. WSP’s fully integrated environmental approach allows us to deliver solutions that address the growing pace of human activities and related environmental pressures.


WSP has the know-how to implement all phases of wastewater treatment projects.
Offering asset/program management planning services to ensure the long-term operational and financial sustainability of our clients water and wastewater infrastructure.
Our team has carried out numerous utility line burial projects in historic districts, as part of thoroughfare revitalizations, and for existing and new housing developments.
WSP has been involved in the Trenchless Technology industry for over 15 years.
WSP helps municipalities manage and dispose of storm water by developing solutions specifically tailored to their needs.
In Canada, WSP has partnered with municipalities to find innovative and cost-effective solutions for potable water supplies and drinking-water treatment projects.
In Canada, WSP’s urban planning credentials are well established. The firm has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to carry out complex large-scale projects in urban environments.
We provide accurate spatial data, boundary definitions and geo-referenced information needed to help our clients succeed.


World of Possibilities: Breathing New Life into Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles.
Improving the Resilience and Adaptability of Wastewater Conveyance Systems.

Key Contacts

Mani Ruprai
Vice President, Water & Wastewater
Tel : +1 905 882-4211 x 6548

Chris Tyrrell
Vice President, Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Tel: +1 905 882-7303

Mike Minshall
Director, Rural Municipal Infrastructure
Tel: +1 403 314-2764

Angela Lee
Director, Project Delivery, Infrastructure 
Tel: + 1 905 882-4211 x 6564

Tom Rotella
Vice President, Land Development
Tel: +1 905 882-7232

Colin Gregor
Manager, Business Development
Tel: +1 780 401-1719