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Oil & Gas

Sweet, sour, liquids rich, liquids lean, deep cut or shallow cut, WSP offers comprehensive gas processing expertise.
From pilot to commercial-scale, WSP helps clients build plants tailor-made to their development and our detailed work packaging and sequencing ensure the project, people and energy flow smoothly.
WSP has extensive experience in SAGD technology, in-situ and cyclical steam facilities, as well as diluent blending, recovery, storage and industry’s first commercial Solvent Aided Process (SAP).
WSP’s teams have decades of experience in all areas of natural gas compression and transmission, metering and pipelines, from small well site boosters to mainline transmission stations.
WSP works collaboratively with field operations staff to ensure that we engineer facilities that are flexible and reliable.
WSP’s automation engineers provide the architecture and programming resources for new facility installation or control system upgrades. We ensure that everything is tied together with a logical narrative and clear operator interfaces that increase ease of operations.
WSP empowers our clients with everything they need to know to add co-generation, prime, stand-by or emergency power to the smallest battery or the largest processing facility.
WSP knows where to innovate and where to replicate, saving our clients significant cost and schedule.




WSP's Oil & Gas division is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and ready to apply the experience and enthusiasm of our people to your energy challenges. Our more than 300 engineering and technical specialists work across all oil and gas sub-specialties – with the proven experience to effectively develop and optimize projects – safely, cost-effectively, with an approach focused on creating long-term partnerships and repeat business. From small installations to multi-phase megaprojects, WSP engineers excel through our:

  • Tailor-made solutions that are adaptable and flexible
  • Commitment to delivering cost and schedule certainty
  • Robust quality control, quality review processes
  • Innovative templating/standardization experience

The number one question we ask is “What’s right for the client?” WSP’s Oil & Gas expertise is supported by the strong global network and resources of WSP Global worldwide.



Conventional Oil & Gas Team Awarded Musreau III Gas Plant!