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Since 1974, WSP has grown to become one of the largest consulting engineering firms providing telecommunication services in Canada.


One of the biggest challenges public utilities and telecommunication companies face today is the growing expectation of consumers regarding high quality, ultramodern and reliable service, which include popular demand for communications and mobile data. Stakeholders in the industry are making important investments in infrastructure in order to meet those expectations and lead with competitive advantage.

WSP’s telecom experts provide tailored engineering solutions to improve efficiency, performance, customer experience as well as to help optimize revenue in a fast-paced, competitive market. Our specialization ranges from internal and external networks, integrated distribution networks, switching and transmission systems, public utility infrastructure such as telephony cable networks, electric power distribution, fiber optic networks and IP telephony. We offer specialized engineering, project management, construction and supervision services for wireless telecommunication infrastructure, services for telecom fiber, coax or copper design as well as voice, data, video and transport equipment design for public and private networks. Our comprehensive list of service offerings truly makes us the telecom partner of choice. Our team also delivers intelligent transportation systems (ITS) services that enhance our transportation offering.


Our clients include major telecom operators, cable and broadcast companies, public utilities, government organizations and airport authorities.


WSP offers a full slate of outside and inside plant engineering solutions for telephone networks and aerial /underground fiber optic networks.
We have been providing wireless site services for mobile phone network operators since the launch of wireless spectrum in Canada.
WSP offers wireless construction, installation and technical services in Western Canada through its construction company Magnate Communications.
We provide comprehensive Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) services that enhance our transportation offering.


Key Contacts

Sharyn Gravelle
National Vice President Telecom & Technology
Tel: +1 905 799-8220 x 232