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Wireline Engineering Services

WSP provides engineering design services, field surveys and acceptance inspections for the implementation of fiber and coaxial installations including RF design for cable systems.


Our team of experts provides a full slate of outside and inside plant engineering services, including system architecture and coverage / scope / sizing studies, in addition to design and detail engineering. Our expertise covers external networks for electrical, telephone network distribution and aerial/underground cable distribution networks, including master plans, roll-out of fiber-optic cables and implementation of private networks. We also provide engineering services for structured cable networks (video, voice and data), including security/intrusion systems and control rooms. Our team is capable of carrying out planning and implementation for telephone/data switches, including voicemail systems, call centers and Internet protocol (IP) telephony. Our work covers client needs in plants, office buildings, transformer stations, residences and administrative and service centers.

We offer:

  • Detailed engineering for the deployment of aerial and underground fiber-optic cables;
  • Choice of route and field surveys;
  • Pole line design;
  • Fiber splicing schematics;
  • Coaxial RF design;
  • Negotiations on easements, right-of-ways and permits;
  • Design of underground conduit networks;
  • Preparation of call for tender;
  • Environmental studies; and
  • Work supervision.

Our specialists work closely with clients to identify the best approach and solutions to their projects.



Sandro Rosa Delvecchio
Sandro Rosa Delvecchio Directeur, Tlcommunications et infras.publique
+1 450 686-8839, 14205
Debbie Kingston
Debbie Kingston Director
+1 905 799-8220, 230