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Transit & Rail

High-capacity public transportation plays a crucial role in urban development by providing access for people to markets, work, recreation and other key services. WSP’s Transit & Rail team is a national leader in the full spectrum of engineering, including traction power supply and distribution, signals and train control, system communications, track systems, vehicle and fleet engineering, testing and commissioning, and safety assurance.


Transit & Rail Systems

Our technical leadership on some of the most complex and technically demanding projects across Canada is a clear demonstration of our ability and commitment to deliver sustainable transportation solutions that reduce traffic congestion and pollution in our communities, thereby improving overall quality of life and encouraging future economic development.

Transit & Rail Facilities

The design of transit infrastructure is a core element of the Transit & Rail Facilities group. We have been providing engineering services to Canada’s largest transit properties for more than 20 years. Assignments have covered the full spectrum of new and relocated stations and facilities, redevelopment of station bridges and facilities, platform design and modifications, fire and life safety, tunnel ventilation, bus maintenance facilities, and bus fleet operations. We also have one of the largest sustainability/LEED Facilitation groups in Canada and have provided LEED consulting on numerous projects consisting of both new and existing facilities.

Rail Services

  • Railway engineering planning,
  • design, integration, testing, & commissioning
  • Safety management system risk assessments
  • Electrification
  • Risk management
  • Data communications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Grade crossing safety assessments
  • Signaling
  • Site condition & maintenance standards compliance assessments
  • Systems engineering
  • Speed improvement studies
  • Railway operations documentation
  • Track diversions


Transit Services

  • Policy development
  • Mobility Management
  • Strategic Planning & Business Planning
  • Service Planning & Operations Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning & Design
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration


Paul Nimigon
Paul Nimigon Vice President Rail and Transit
+1 905 882-4211, 6643