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EIA Consultation Portal

The EIA Consultation Portal is a new digital platform for public consultations. This cloud based solution for public participation has been developed by WSP Digital and the Soil and Water team in Sweden.


It offers you the possibility to own the narrative through transparent digital communication with your stakeholders, especially for the EIA public participation process.

Information – Communication – Management     

With this cloud based information and communication tool you can engage with your stakeholders with a clear and transparent message.

Information Through theme-based texts, illustrative images and interactive maps, the object and its impacts are presented on the portal’s frontend.

Communication From the digital form it is easy for users to provide their opinions about the project and upload documents.

Management From the portals locked backend you can manage and process all opinions for the consultation report and get statistics.


Interested? EIA Consultation Portal

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of the EIA Consultation Portal.

The Portal is flexible and has many different modules that can be configured to fit your project.

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Sven Ericsson
Sven Ericsson