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Natlikan Supply Chain

Natlikan Supply Chain is an easy to use, flexible, modular web tool from WSP Natlikans Digital Platform. It provides a clear overview of your supplier risks with dashboards where you efficiently can manage the process for self assessments and supplier audits.


Natlikan Supply Chain

The Tool to Sustain your Supply Chain

  • Nice & Easy
    - Dashboards with a total overview of supplier risks and an efficient management of self assessments  and audits
  • Cloud Modules
    - Digital web tool with unlimited number of users for both your organization and your suppliers
  • Cost Efficient
    - All information is stored in one place with easy on-line access including uploaded files
  • Competence
    - Developed with support from people with long experience in working with Code of Conducts
  • Tailor Made
    - Extend and adapt our modules or let us tailor a solution that fits your individual needs


Web meeting

Take the opportunity for a personal webinar of Natlikan Supply Chain.

We will guide you through the main modules where you can see how you can work with both your risk analysis as well as manage your process for self assessments and supplier audits.

Natlikan Supply Chain

The tool is flexible so there are possibilites to both use the tool as it is off the shelf or we can discuss how we can adapt and tailor it to your needs.

More information

Natlikan Supply Chain
Produktblad Introduktionsfilm
English Natlikan Supply Chain
Product sheet Introduction film



Mattias Blomqvist
Mattias Blomqvist Environmental Consultant
Sven Ericsson
Sven Ericsson Team Manager