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Kalahari Solar Power Project

A solar project in South Africa to generate up to 450 MW over three phases on a site that covers 1,922 ha.

Our client’s challenge

There are a number of proposed developments in the area, but there is insufficient power to support them.

Our approach

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff was appointed to help convert the region’s plentiful sunlight, few clouds and little water vapour into a reliable source of energy.

The team carried out a number of detailed studies to determine the most appropriate technologies, the shape and size of the development and the necessary steps to mitigate its environmental impact. 

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff also carried out a detailed water feasibility assessment to analyse potential supplies and their impact on local and regional resources, proving the viability of the project.


With all assessments completed successfully, the client hopes to gain planning consent to begin construction in 2012. There will be three phases, each planned to yield up to 150 MW, giving an enormous potential energy generation of 450 MW when all are completed.

The solar farm is one of the most significant planned for the region, covering almost 2,000ha.

It could also be one of the first renewable energy projects in South Africa to utilise ‘parabolic trough’ technology, which uses banks of curved mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy and achieve maximum yields.