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Water Resources

Evaluation, development and management of the world’s water

The pressure on the world’s freshwater resources is greater than ever before, with population growth, rising per capita water consumption, and increasing environmental protection efforts all contributing to availability and distribution responsibility. Water resources studies are more than hydrological science: they must consider economic, social and even political dimensions.

The key to sustainable development of water resources lies in developing a thorough understanding of variability and availability, taking an integrated approach to the development and management, and ensuring the participation of stakeholders at all stages of the project. We offer comprehensive services, covering all aspects of the evaluation, development and management of water resources.

We also advise governments and regulatory bodies on policies for the regulation and protection of water resources. We offer a wide range of services necessary to assist governments in developing their capacity in hydrometric data collection, water resource assessment and quality assessment.

Advanced technologies and knowledge have the potential to introduce efficiency and effectiveness when evaluating, developing and managing water resources. Cutting-edge technologies, like wireline logging and directional drilling, have been used to maximize well efficiency, and minimize the number of suboptimal wells. We have developed innovative solutions for aquifer storage and recovery, and alternative seawater intakes to enhance desalination and water treatment projects. We have also harnessed the natural environment to deliver predictable performance.

We have an innovative and participatory framework for the integrated management of water resources with the aim of achieving the efficient, sustainable and equitable development of water resources. 

Our offerings include:

  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Bottled Water
  • International Development – sustainable water development and management for economic and social development
  • WATSAN Services and Training
  • Coastal Zone Aquifer Management – to mitigate impacts from saltwater intrusion
  • River Basin Management
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Alternative Seawater and Brackish Water Intakes
  • Resource Evaluation for Groundwater or Surface Water
  • Abstraction Licensing
  • Water Engineering
  • Groundwater Monitoring Networks
  • Institutional, Policy, Legal, and Regulatory Frameworks for a Water Strategy