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Bund & Länder

Public buildings belong to the public, they characterise society, showcase culture and illustrate the relationship between citizens and the state. As such, the demand on these buildings to be many things to many people is huge.

Innovation, efficiency and sustainability must go hand in hand. Multi-functionality is the key factor here. Our experience and expertise allow us to liaise with all parties without limiting the imagination of the architect, nor the demands of the end user.

Comprehensive skills
We plan and manage construction projects for federal and state governments. Our portfolio of public sector work includes Parliamentary buildings, Customs administrations, Army barracks, and local administration buildings.

We manage architectural public tendering processes and competitions, economic and feasibility studies and are experts in new buildings and renovation alike.

We are proud of our sustainable credentials and many of our Public building projects set sustainability standards in innovative energy concepts and strategies to reduce the operating costs. Here, renewable energies such as solar, geothermal and solar energy are used to increase inversely to the value of a property long term.



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