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Oil and Gas

We help clients with some of the most demanding challenges in the oil and gas sector, both technical and logistical.  We advise on how to plan, design and support the development of pipelines and gas networks, as well as how to ensure the integrity of critical assets and obtain the necessary permits and consents.

Our oil and gas heritage dates back to 1977 with the foundation of Focus Corporation which we acquired in May 2014.  Our oil and gas business now spans Australia, Canada, the UK, the US (including an office in Houston) and the Middle East.

We have real strengths in the design of gas plants and liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities; we also understand gas networks and are on major frameworks with National Grid in the UK.

We have expertise in unconventional upstream oil and gas, gas processing and gas treatment.  We are leaders in oil and gas process engineering and designing deep-cut facilities and plants for sour gas processing, sulphur recovery and the recovery and fractionation of natural gas liquids (NGLs). 

We understand CO2 and the complexity it adds to gas extraction, including techniques for CO2 injections and the technology to use aquifers for long-term carbon storage.  We have supported the UK and Australian governments in their carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstrator programmes.

We are also active in the energy storage business, designing hard rock and salt caverns to store oil and other hydrocarbons.

Our global environment team is experienced in environmental impact assessments in support of downstream oil and gas developments, as well as the environmental health and safety (EHS) systems that companies need to manage hazards and risks.

We have a large pipeline integrity and pipeline route selection capability, in addition to a full range of other surveying and geomatics services.  We are developing an array of new digital solutions for clients – for example hand-held applications to support surveying and the additional use of geospatial information system (GIS) datasets.

Our company provides an integrated, global approach to solving technical problems which helps our clients enhance the value of their assets.