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BP Exploration

This project involved the complex design and changeover programme at an oil extraction facility to replace three worn production headers with one new production header system. It was completed on time and 10% under budget.

Bullet Client BP Exploration
Bullet European Construction Institute’s Small Project Award for 2010

Our client’s challenge

BP Exploration operated oil extraction facilities across the south of England before transferring operatorship in December 2011 to Perenco UK. This mixture of crude oil, gas and sea water is gathered and shipped to refineries for further processing.  WSP’s industrial experts were engaged by BP to investigate the replacement of one of its main production headers.

Our approach

WSP was asked to undertake a review of the system and determine how best to replace it without causing major downtime, while improving operability and maintainability.

Our experts used the ACTIVE suite of tools to achieve both a well-controlled and delivered project with a high-performing team culture.

From the initial concept and front-end study stages, a new design using an alternative header material, reduced intermediate headers and simplified layout was commissioned.

The detailed design was undertaken using the latest 3D CAD modelling software and the integrated team was expanded to include the supply chain.

There were numerous events and sessions throughout the life of the project where some or all of the supply chain gathered to discuss how they would work together and agreed common goals, assessed at thorough monthly reviews to ensure both technical progress and team development and interaction remained optimal.


The work was completed on time in September 2010 – and under budget. The project won the European Construction Institute’s Small Project of the Year Award for 2010.