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Regional Anaerobic Digestion Plant

A major regional anaerobic digestion (AD) plant designed for the treatment of a mix of industrial and municipal products. It is the largest plant in northern Sweden for the digestion of household waste, and is capable of producing up to 8 million m3 of pure bio-methane per year. This will be used as vehicle fuel, ensuring the supply for the mid-north region.

Bullet Client Sundsvall Energy Company

Our approach

The project sits in a sparsely populated region largely dominated by forests, which was one of the greatest challenges for WSP when it carried out a feasibility study for the city municipality in 2009.

Securing enough digestible material, or substrate, has involved engaging with several municipalities and local industries. WSP has brought together a number of interested parties who can deliver household waste, sewage sludge and, uniquely, waste products from the local pulp and paper industry.

WSP is currently investigating the best mix of waste fractions to achieve the optimal fuel product. The plant will not only produce biogas – it is hoped that residue from the digestion can be recycled back to the forestry industry as fertiliser.

Following the feasibility study, WSP was awarded the continued in-depth study leading up to the detailed design and implementation of the project in January 2011. 

The team has already completed AD plants elsewhere in Sweden, including one of the country’s first, opened in Uppsala in 1998.

Biogas from waste is a developing field in many different countries – WSP’s Swedish office is currently working on feasibility studies for similar projects in Norway, Finland, Ireland, the UK and India, exporting its knowledge and experience.