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It takes a special kind of consultant to fully understand the challenges associated with cultural buildings. For over 40 years, we have been helping cultural organizations around the world to evolve to enhance the experience for increasingly sophisticated visitors and audiences.

Trusted advisors

We are the trusted advisors to many of the most prestigious cultural organizations. Our impressive portfolio reflects the huge diversity of our projects, from the Cirque du Soleil’s big tops to visitor facilities for the Cutty Sark, from Abu Dhabi’s spectacular new Zayed National Museum to the historic Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Every cultural building is unique, every client different, every engineering solution tailor-made. Through long experience we are attuned to the differences and listen carefully to our clients to ensure that we fully understand their individual requirements.

Designing for success

The design of cultural buildings is crucial to their success. They have many roles to play. They must surprise and delight, enrich people’s lives, educate, entertain, stimulate regeneration in urban areas and attract tourists to towns and cities. Yet budgets are constantly tightening and cultural organizations must compete for customers who have unprecedented leisure options.

Inspiration and value through innovation and common sense

Working closely with clients, architects and other professionals, we consider the whole project and its ultimate goals: save money and enhance final outcomes.

Through our unique combination of specialist skills and global delivery, we can overcome the challenges for any project, large or small, new-build or heritage restoration. Whether we are helping to create new architectural masterpieces or ensuring perfect conditions for the preservation of artwork, ensuring acrobats’ trapezes are safely anchored or creating the perfect acoustic environment for opera, our record of helping clients achieve both inspiration and value through our innovative and common-sense approach is second to none.