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Jianfu Palace Garden, Forbidden City

Reconstructing traditional buildings in the Forbidden City

The Jianfu Palace Garden in the northwest corner of the Forbidden City was built by Emperor Qianlong in 1740. The garden was destroyed by fire in 1923 and in 2000 the Palace Museum and the China Heritage Fund began a five-year reconstruction project to return it to its former glory.

The Jianfu Palace Garden comprises 13 structures on a site of around 5,000 m2. All are faithful recreations of the original imperial Qing structures and were reconstructed using only traditional materials, techniques and processes.

Our team provided the overall design, coordination and site supervision services of all mechanical and electrical systems of the reconstruction works. At the time of our appointment all garden structures were completed and the objective was to design and install the systems without disturbing any of the pre-existing traditional Chinese architecture.

One of the most challenging buildings was Yan Chun Ge, a four-storey structure, exposed on all sides and in the centre of the garden. We had to conceal all mechanical and electrical systems with no allowance for ducts, panels or trunking.

Client China Heritage Fund
Completed in 2005
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