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Anfa Place, Casablanca

Protecting cliff top views with clever ventilation

Anfa Place is a mixed-use development to the west of Casablanca, close to the city’s affluent residential district of Anfa. Located in a magnificent setting on the Atlantic coast, the low-rise development creates an elegant new waterfront community, with a five-star hotel, residences, offices, shopping mall and underground car parking.

As well as civil and structural engineering, our team was engaged to provide building services design for the property, and our strategies were shaped by the challenging aesthetic and functional requirements of the signature architect. The development height was restricted to a maximum of 25 metres to protect the view from the cliff top behind the site, while the roof was designed as a public amenity place, restricting its use. Our solutions also had to suit a coastal and seismic environment.

Working closely with the project architects, we integrated the engineering plant into the building with minimal loss of usable built area while meeting the stringent aesthetic and acoustic brief. To minimise the building height we designed the car park ventilation system to use mechanical extract and natural make-up air, avoiding the need for cumbersome and obstructive ductwork.

Architect Foster + Partners
Location Casablanca, Morocco
Our services Mechanical and electrical, geotechnical, civil and structural engineering, acoustics, fire engineering
Project status Completed in  2012