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Mission Critical Facilities

Mission critical facilities require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure service is maintained thereby enabling business, operations and systems to operate efficiently, effectively and continuously.

It takes expertise, experience and total commitment to deliver these kinds of projects. Our specialist team’s solid track record in timely delivery of resilient and energy-efficient mission critical facilities proves that we are the right consultant for your project.

Future proof design for every sector

We have successfully delivered projects in key fields including financial facilities, trading floors, hospital complexes, critical national infrastructure, complex defence facilities and data centres, all of which require 24/7 operation. Our clients include both government organizations and private companies.

In the design of every project, there are several specific issues that need to be considered. We have expertise to overcome challenges on all types of mission critical projects from complex security and redundancy requirements for defense projects and resilient life-preservation systems for hospitals, to trading floors where we ensure financial transaction progress without disruption.

Cost-effective resilient solutions

Our comprehensive service offering includes due diligence, investigations, reports and studies; fire protection; building design; power and cooling systems; intelligent building systems (including converged communication networks, and electronic security, audiovisual, emergency communications and facility management systems); information and communication technology services; and security and sustainability consulting.

Our specialists provide design services and independent advice tailored to client needs, project requirements and budget. We are experienced in designing new-build projects but also in refurbishment and upgrades where we minimize disruption while maintaining business operations.

Data centre operational profiles make energy savings and carbon emission reductions the highest environmental priority. We have extensive experience in sustainability planning and auditing. We can deliver the best possible solution to our clients, providing substantial cost and energy savings.

Download a Mission Critical Facilities Flyer