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Acoustics, Noise and Vibration

Our acoustics teams around the world cover every aspect of the discipline, undertaking environmental and building acoustics in any sector and with expertise in all the niche areas. We deliver a very high technical capability to our clients, whatever and wherever the project.

A service for every circumstance

We conduct Environmental Noise Impact Assessments during the planning phase for all types of schemes, both buildings and infrastructure. These assessments range from large master-plan development schemes to the impact of new roads, railways, airports, renewable and traditional energy schemes, and industrial sites.


We also provide architectural acoustics services, including sound insulation, room acoustics, building vibration and mechanical services noise and vibration control. Our expertise involves the design and delivery of acoustic environments that meet the requirements of the project type, client and end user, at every stage, from concept design through to noise monitoring and mitigation during construction, operation and decommissioning.

Acoustics in property

As the majority of our engineering disciplines, acousticians advocate early-stage involvement in all building projects. We use computer modelling to enable our clients and design teams to hear, or ‘auralise’, the acoustics of a space long before designs are finalized and the building has been constructed.  This enables the fine-tuning of the sound characteristics of a building’s spaces and means we can influence the layout and the materials used from the outset. It saves time and avoids the need for expensive remedial treatments after projects are completed.

Specialist fields

We are leading experts in the full range of specialist fields of acoustics. These include solving the problems caused to buildings, their occupants and their immediate surroundings as a result of unwanted noise and vibrations from external sources such as construction sites, roads or railways. We have long experience in building façade acoustics to minimize the break-in of external noise such as traffic. We innovate to enable new construction techniques and the use of different building materials and finishes to achieve required acoustic effects. We are constantly developing new ways of reducing the noise from building services equipment such as chillers, generators and CHP plant. Other specialist acoustic services include PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarm) and the optimization of reverberation to enable high levels of speech intelligibility or audibility. We also provide acoustic services for specialist buildings such as schools, laboratories, theatres or historic structures.