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Fire Engineering

We provide practical and cost-effective design solutions to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.

Experience in a diverse range of sectors

We provide fire engineering solutions to some of the world’s leading architects, developers, engineers and planners. We work with clients at all stage of a project’s life cycle, from concept to operational. Our projects span a diverse range of sectors from government and commercial property developments to mass transit and infrastructure. We are global leaders in the safety design of high-rise buildings, large retail schemes, complex tunnel projects and transport interchanges.

Theoretical knowledge combined with practical application

Our skills include code consultancy, the development of holistic fire safety strategies, fire risk assessments and analysis, fire system design and specification, value engineering exercises and peer reviews. Using advanced computer modelling of fire, smoke, evacuation and structural response, we combine theoretical knowledge with practical application. 

Project-specific solutions

With a global network of qualified and experienced fire engineers, we add unrivalled expertise and experience to the knowledge of local specialists to develop innovative and project-specific solutions that help clients achieve their aspirations. This includes introducing complex fire engineering strategies where standard code requirements may present obstacles, with respect to the project vision, cost or function.

Our solutions allow clients to meet the highest safety standards and satisfy their legal obligations, while also offering design flexibility and savings in terms of budget and construction program.