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Norra Länken and Norra Station Hagastaden

The new Norra Länken tunnels is a 6km highway connecting an important freight harbour and ferry terminals that will relieve congestion in the city centre by tunnelling the E20 and directing traffic underneath.

Norra Länken and Norra Station/Hagastaden

The Norra Station project involves extending the Norra Länken to create a new district uniting the cities of Stockholm and Solna.


Increasing the capacity through the Norra Station area (which will be known as ‘Hagastaden’) was a strategic objective for the Roads Authority. Including two new bridges and several broadening of existing bridges, the length of highway with boosted capacity is about 2.5km.

The Hagastaden district will provide 3,200 much-needed homes and offices for up to 13,000 people on a new deck above, stretching for almost 1km. The office blocks will have a strong emphasis on ‘Life Science’, strategically located next to the Karolinska Hospital and the Nobel Institute. 


WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff is the sole consultant for the Norra Station project, working for both the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Stockholm since 2008, planning the construction of the roads, masterplanning the new district, and carrying out a comprehensive environmental impact assessment for both.

We are producing tender documents for about 20 separate contracts, and has undertaken a great deal of consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders. We have been able to add significant value by being involved in both projects, avoiding duplication.