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Roads and Highways

In 1900, there were less than 8,000 cars worldwide; today there are over 6 billion and the number is rising. A well-designed, built and maintained road network remains vitally important to national economies worldwide.


Roads and highways are used every day for business and pleasure. A country’s economy and quality of life is greatly affected by its road network. It is therefore essential to have the safest, most effective and sustainable network, while taking cost into account.

We have led thousands of projects around the world. We have developed the expertise and knowledge required to design and build resilient roads and highways adapted to the terrain and climate, as well as offer innovative solutions for a growing population.


Aging infrastructure is an issue that many countries face. Given the significant investment to renovate and modernize, countries are looking for resilient and well-adapted infrastructure to support tomorrow’s reality.

We understand that funding is more difficult than ever to obtain. Our aim is for projects to be completed safely with minimum disruption, within schedule and budget. We have been and continue to be involved in many public-private partnerships, giving us an edge to make mega-projects a success.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff has a wide range of in-house engineering and management consulting capabilities to help clients with every aspect of their project life cycle, from pre-feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed design, to contractor selection and site supervision.

We are always searching for new and innovative ways to solve our clients’ challenges; allowing us to renew our expertise and create cost-effective and reliable solutions.


Many countries are attempting to better manage the increasing number of vehicles on the road and reduce air pollution, among other initiatives. Growing cities are looking for ways to limit congestion, modifying the transportation network to facilitate access to public transit, pedestrian and bicycle travel. More are considering car-free city centers.

We provide innovative ideas to accommodate all modes of transportation. While protecting the natural environment, we provide sustainable, resilient and safe solutions to a country’s specific needs.   


Our team of employees around the world specialized in transportation offers a wide range of services locally, supported by our global expertise.

Some of the services provided:

  • Surveying
  • Project management
  • Traffic and Transportation Planning
  • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility
  • Design, plans, specifications
  • Environmental services
  • Construction administration and Inspection
  • Geotechnical services
  • Digital Services
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Design-Build and PPP (Public-Private-Partnership)

Whether the need is for a roundabout, a road or a highway, or to integrate cycling paths, in any size community, we provide solutions to make your project a reality, safely, on budget and on time.

For additional information, contact us.