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Meet our people


Here our people tell you first-hand about their experience of working at WSP– click on each image to find out more.







Per Ångquist, Business Development Director, Sweden Sarah Keiko Leilani Ferguson, Environmental Engineer, Australia Olivier Joyal, Regional Director Western Quebec - Environment, Canada Karen Stone, Head of Learning & Development, UK Nick Pryce, Manager, Urban & Rural Planning, Canada Gurminder Singh Sagoo, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Middle East Daniela Yen Chong, Mechanical EIT, Canada

Emily Wong, Principal Engineer  Building Services (Hong Kong)





Olivier JoyalOlivier Joyal
Regional Director Western Quebec
- Environment (Canada)

“As part of Montreal’s Environment group since there were only eight in the team and having seen it grow to over 200 employees, I can testify that within WSP, the only limit is yourself! Our growth has been accomplished through incredible teamwork and we have a particular strength in recognising potential in young, dynamic employees and consequently enabling them to make the most of interesting opportunities. Communication is of the utmost importance as we have considered our growth and interoffice synergies, as are our interpersonal relationships and, perhaps most of all, enjoying what we do!” 

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Sarah Keiko Leilani FergusonSarah Keiko Leilani Ferguson
Environmental Engineer

2012 Global staff award winner under the category "Pride & Passion"

“I am lucky enough to serve on the Australia/New Zealand section of Taskforce, which is a group of early career professionals brought together to improve business performance through knowledge sharing and strategic thinking. Our regional task was to look into improving staff engagement and improving and enabling resource sharing, and our global task was the organisation of a worldwide virtual meeting of early career professionals in partnership with all the Taskforce groups worldwide. Working with Taskforce is a rewarding experience, enriching my career path and network through interaction with a wide variety of dynamic professionals and the chance to address strategic issues as a team.”

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Nick PryceNick Pryce,
Manager, Urban & Rural Planning
- Alberta (Canada)

“I moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta as our Planning team expanded services in urban and rural planning out West.. One thing that has really struck me since the move is our collaborative work within WSP : tools such as Lync really give a boost to our capacity to communicate, particularly for our complex, multidisciplinary projects. There are numerous interesting shifts happening in the planning profession that will affect our future. Having this new geographic network will help us be at the forefront of change!”

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Gurminder Singh SagooGurminder Singh Sagoo,
Head of Business Development & Marketing
(Middle East)

“Travelling is in my genes! Sitting on my grandmother’s knee, I would hear stories of India, East Africa… When the opportunity came up a couple of years ago to move from the UK with my family to work for WSP  in the Middle East, I was delighted. As well as a friendly, welcome and the rich cultural experience, my personal development has been furthered as I have expanded my role from supporting one market segment in the UK to covering the breadth of our expertise in the Middle East. In terms of the success of my move, I feel that the Company’s strength and my own interest in communications between regions and connectivity have been essential.”

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Daniela Yen ChongDaniela Yen Chong,
Mechanical EIT

“I had a positive experience transferring with WSP  from Trinidad to a position in Timmins in northeastern Ontario, Canada. It was quite a move for myself and my family but I had great support, understanding and guidance from the HR team. The move has enabled me to meet several personal and career objectives, including the widening of my professional experience to heating design (cooling systems were more called for in Trinidad…!), the chance to take part in some enriching interoffice projects and also an introduction to some interesting renewable energy technologies.”

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Karen StoneKaren Stone,
Head of Learning & Development

“We're passionate about supporting WSP's strategic objectives through designing and developing appropriate Learning & Development solutions for our people in order to grow and release our talent into the business. Within our culture of empowerment, employees take responsibility for keeping up with the latest knowledge and we want to provide them easy access to learning materials, tools and connections available via our online university. Through our various initiatives such as the UK Developing Leadership two day course and the new structured graduate training programme, our aim is to provide pragmatic tools, skills and ways of thinking that individuals can practice and apply in their roles and daily tasks."

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Per ÅngquistPer Ångquist,
Business Development Director

“I was fortunate enough to be part of WSP’s mentoring programme, with Tom Smith, Global Director for Property and Buildings as my mentor. In my business development role, I believe it is very useful on a professional and personal level to be able to discuss ideas and challenges with someone with such extensive company and industry expertise. Whilst we are not based in the same office, we met face-to-face at the beginning of the year to set our mentoring objectives and then kept in touch on a more informal basis. Tom’s help has been key in adjusting client programs to our region and he has also shared his wide industry network with me.”

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Emily WongEmily Wong 
Principal Engineer Building Services
(Hong Kong)

Working in WSP since 2007 has given me a great opportunity to explore a large variety of projects globally. This has allowed me to meet people from all around the world and be exposed to different cultures. With my previous United States engineering background I was able to integrate the different ways of thinking and greatly improve myself both technically and intellectually. Another thing I cherish the most is the friendly and energetic working environment. Whilst there have been difficult moments to overcome from time to time, it is the team spirit that has allowed us to get through the hard times and come to great accomplishment.

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