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432 Park Avenue: A thing of Beauty

In June this year we visited our high-rise experts in New York to see the amazing work they are doing on the new super skinny high-rises popping up on the Manhattan skyline. See the beautiful design of 432 Park Avenue and feats of awe inspiring engineering. With a ratio of 1:15 and a height of 425.7 m (1397 ft), 432 Park Avenue will be the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. WSP is providing the structural and building services engineering and construction is due for completion in 2015. 

Silvian Marcus, Director of Building Structures at WSP in the USA, explains the beauty of this building architecturally: the 9 m x 9 m (30 ft x 30 ft) concrete box in the middle, with all of the building services, acts as a backbone to the super strong structure.


Looking south in the external hoist we made our way to the 52nd floor, to a height of 245 m (800 ft).


From the central concrete structure to the perimeter of the building, there is a space of around 9 meters  (30 ft) that is completely free of any structural elements.  This structurally open area will allow the occupants to divide the floor space according to their particular preferences. The large 3 m x 3 m (10 ft x10 ft) windows provide captivating panoramic views for the future residents. The space is truly breath-taking.

Stefano Braganti (WSP), John A. Sjölund (McGraw Hudson), Silvian Marcus (WSP) and Hezi Mena (WSP) pose for a photo overlooking the west side of Manhattan. 


With fantastic views of Manhattan, 432 Park Avenue is destined to become a landmark on the New York skyline. It stands out like an elegant giant compared to its neighbours.


To learn more about WSP’s engineering approach to 432 Park Avenue, read our project case study.

Watch an insightful interview with Silvian Marcus on World Architecture News.

To see a full 360 degrees panorama, check out the 432 Park Avenue website.

Photographs by Nicola Evans, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff