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  • Wednesday, April 8, 2009
    GENIVAR Income Fund Acquires an Electrical Engineering Firm Specialized in Power Generation and Transmission Systems

    MONTREAL, April 8 - The GENIVAR Income Fund ("GENIVAR") is pleased to announce the acquisition of Algal & Associates Ltd. ("Algal"), an Ontario-based electrical engineering services firm with approximately 20 employees in Toronto.

    "Algal's experts have developed very unique niche expertise in medium and high voltage electrical engineering services for power generation, transmission and distribution systems," said Pierre Shoiry, President and CEO, GENIVAR. "These services will be in high demand for the coming years given the need to develop and modernize North America's electricity transmission and distribution grid to access the energy resources, including hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass, nuclear and thermal energy. Algal's state-of-the-art capabilities complements our existing range of services and strengthens our Energy team," added Pierre Shoiry. GENIVAR is strategically positioned to take part in a wide range of emerging projects.

    "By joining forces with GENIVAR, we will gain access to larger-scale projects while promoting our services within GENIVAR's internal network. We will also be able to meet the growing needs of our clients, who require a comprehensive range of integrated consulting engineering services," said Feodor Alter, President of Algal. "GENIVAR's dynamic entrepreneurial culture meshes perfectly with our respective business approaches, and our employees will be able to integrate their skills within GENIVAR's network," he added.

    Founded in 1992, Algal & Associates Ltd. provides expertise in electrical engineering for power generation, transmission and distribution systems. It serves public and private sector clients, including Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, TransCanada Energy, Brookfield Renewable Power Inc., Renewable Energy Systems, Northland Power and local distribution companies (LDCs).

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