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Our clients include governments, transport authorities, property developers and more. Whether we are designing world-class properties, infrastructure or transportation projects, or delivering solutions for complex industrial, environmental or energy challenges, we bring the same unrivalled expertise to all our engagements.


A successful building project is a combination of many elements, such as the building’s appearance, how it performs, how it fits within its surroundings and how it stands the test of time. Our experiences spans the whole spectrum of building types.

Today, countries face pressing demands for more resilient, efficient and effective infrastructure for their communities and businesses. However, there are many challenges affecting the decision-making process including providing resources for an aging population, rapid urbanization or infrastructure that is inadequate for today’s reality.

Our priority is to help you succeed. We will ensure we understand your business needs to help make you take action on environmental, sustainability and climate change issues to make your organisation efficient, competitive and as risk free as possible.

Companies across all industrial sectors are striving to run their operations differently to remain competitive and, more so, to stay ahead of the pack. Whether the objective is to curb high energy costs, harness heat from waste energy, address sustainability concerns or expand operations in undeveloped greenfield sites, know that your goals are within reach.

Our experience spans all technologies; thermal, hydro, CHP and co-generation, transmission and distribution, solar, onshore wind, offshore wind and bioenergy.