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Property and Buildings

A successful building project is a combination of many elements, such as the building’s appearance, how it performs, how it fits within its surroundings and how it stands the test of time. Our experiences spans the whole spectrum of building types.

Commercial Commercial
Cultural Buildings Cultural Buildings
Education Education
 Healthcare Healthcare
High-Rise High-Rise
Hospitality Hospitality
 Residential Residential
Retail Retail
Tenant Interiors Tenant Interiors


WSP has earned the reputation as one of the world’s best building engineering and management firms. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the needs both of our clients and of current and future building occupants. We explore all the options to help clients to meet their goals, whether these are to minimise operational costs, to achieve the highest levels of sustainable design, to attract a specific business to a commercial office, to create inspirational spaces in a cultural building or to design an iconic landmark.

Since establishing our presence in Korea in 2000, WSP has been a pioneer in the project and construction management market, and has firmly established itself as an industry leader in delivering the most complex, challenging and iconic structures in Korea. We do this with a commitment to not only deliver projects on-time and on-budget, but also safely and in an environmentally conscience manner.

We are able to do this by drawing on our breadth of experience and the diversity of our capabilities and specialist services that we have in-house to develop creative, innovative solutions that ensure better, higher value outcomes.

Above all, we believe buildings are for people, and raising the quality of the built environment through high performance, sustainable building design is paramount.








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