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Transport and Infrastructure

Today, countries face pressing demands for more resilient, efficient and effective infrastructure for their communities and businesses. However, there are many challenges affecting the decision-making process including providing resources for an aging population, rapid urbanization or infrastructure that is inadequate for today’s reality.

Great Experience in Transport and Infrastructure

We have used our technical expertise to provide innovative solutions with the highest quality and the lowest cost in mind, playing a key role from planning through commissioning to operations and maintenance stage consulting such as asset management, system assurance, safety & risk management and independent safety assessor. Building, upgrading and maintaining infrastructure is costly, so our focus is on sustainable and resilient results. Public and private sector clients and partners from around the world seek our expertise to help create mid and long-term transport and infrastructure strategies and to provide guidance and support throughout the life cycle of a wide range of projects.

Local Services With Global Experience

We are one of the world’s largest providers of Transport and infrastructure services, with a proven track record of delivery within budget and on time. Our teams of experts are able to leverage world class expertise at the local level, offering a full range of services with extensive global experiences to successfully deliver projects.

Integrated Services for Today and Tomorrow’s Needs

Demand for passenger and freight services is changing, and the provision of services needs to evolve - be it through more accessible public transportation options for passengers, better integrated freight supply chain solutions, sustainable transport, or emphasis on safety and security.

With our expertise across all transportation and infrastructure sectors, we offer integrated solutions, taking into account the technical and socio-economic aspects of the projects, in order to ensure that all modes are seamlessly integrated together. Our reputation as one of the foremost infrastructure specialists has developed over the course of many successful global projects and through our ability to evaluate and understand upcoming trends in the industry before they occur.

If you are planning bridge maintenance, increasing airport capacity, designing and building a new port, upgrading or building a highway or improving any of your city’s facilities, we have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success.




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