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Navigation, Channel Design, Dredging and Disposal

We can offer our clients a comprehensive array of potential solutions for navigational and remediation related dredging and dredged material placement projects.

At WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, we assess navigation needs based on environmental conditions, the type of vessels and the anticipated traffic. We optimize dredging needs and channel routes to ensure safety and cost efficiency. Dredging and dredged material placements are integral to maintaining navigation, stabilizing shorelines and reclaiming lakes. We also understand that dredging and placement of dredged material in an environmentally sound manner is important to maintaining a sustainable environment.

Our pioneering leadership in dredging and dredged material placement engineering and innovation comes as a result of our breadth of experience in planning and constructing large marine excavations for tunnels, bridges and other submerged infrastructure.

Through a detailed analysis of the environmental conditions and of the type of ships that will use a planned channel, we can assess different channel route options and rank them in terms of navigation security and minimization of dredging volume, cost and environmental impacts.

Services-Navigation, Channel Design, Dredging & Disposal

We have developed and continue to refine a suite of computer programs to assist in dredging design and construction work.

Included in these programs is the Pipeline Production Program, used for project evaluation, dredge plan development, and providing confidential services to contractors for confirming bid assumptions. The program helps verify equipment selection and can be used during construction to help owners and contractors modify equipment selections when unexpected conditions or equipment performance factors are encountered.

Our professionals continue to expand and share their extensive technical knowledge with the engineering community through their involvement in professional associations, service on technical committees, participation in seminars and publishing of technical papers.  

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis of channel characteristics;
  • Evaluation of ship size and operating characteristics to determine adequate channel design;
  • Evaluation of maintenance dredging requirements within the waterway;
  • Excavation and material placement planning;
  • Alternatives analyses and monitoring advice for remediation of contaminated sediments;
  • Identification of disposal sites;
  • Identification of beneficial use alternatives;
  • Permitting, technical assistance and agency liaison for dredging and dredged material placement design.

For additional information on how we can assist you, contact us.