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Starting your career

If you are just starting out on your career then you’ve come to the right place.

Bullet Wealth of opportunities
Bullet Shaping your career
Bullet High profile projects
Bullet Opportunity to work abroad

If you are just starting out on your career then you’ve come to the right place. WSP Africa offers you: 

  • A wealth of varied and exciting roles
  • The chance to develop your career
  • Involvement in high profile projects
  • The opportunity to work abroad 

As a global company we have a wealth of varied and exciting roles for ambitious, enterprising achievers, and we will assist you with mapping out a career path that suits your personal goals.

Our culture is dynamic and vibrant and our flexible structure enables you to shape your own future. At WSP in Africa we pride ourselves in recognising the quality and achievements of our employees, and reward motivation and commitment with a high level of support and encouragement.  With an exceptional variety of high profile projects in progress around the world, the opportunity to work abroad is a real possibility. 

At WSP we are committed to providing support for all of our staff as they build their careers with us and this includes a wide variety of training and development opportunities.  For staff in the early stages of their careers we specifically offer programmes to support their initial professional development. 

In some regions we recruit students for work placements as well as school leavers to fill apprentice roles. This is mainly via the relationships that we have with local universities and colleges. 


We are a diverse group of individuals, passionate about turning our clients' biggest challenges into their greatest opportunities. We are involved in an astonishing array of projects from some of the world's most iconic buildings to new sustainable cities to small but exciting heritage projects. So our experts always have a lot to talk (and write) about!