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Experienced professionals

Think about what drives you. You’re a talented professional, you’ve worked hard to progress your career to date and you’re looking for a new challenge. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bullet Global multi-disciplinary projects
Bullet   Open and diverse culture
Bullet  Shape your own career 

At WSP in Africa you will benefit from: 

  • Exposure to local and global multi-disciplinary projects
  • An open and diverse culture
  • The ability to truly build your career
  • A company that enables you to give back to the community   

As part of one of the world’s leading professional services companies, and as a leader in our space in Africa, we’re able to offer our employees a wide range of opportunities to build and evolve their careers. We offer competitive remuneration and benefits packages which are in line with national and sector expectations in the parts of the world in which we operate. 

We’re involved with a diverse range of projects – from some of the world’s most iconic buildings, to new sustainable cities, to exciting heritage projects. Our clients are varied and come from both the public and private sectors, local and global. Our strategy of building a diverse business model allows the business to move between various markets and the concept of offering a ‘one stop shop’ means that we are one of a very small number of worldwide businesses that can provide clients with a complete package of services. 

Our open and diverse culture is built on passion, trust, unity, caring and innovation. We have a professional work environment which gives our employees the ability to develop their own unique career paths. It is our aim to support our employees’ success so that they can grow and thrive wherever their careers take them. 

At WSP we always need people with transferable skills and an appreciation of different businesses, cultures and languages. 

So if your sights are set on having a positive and sustainable impact on your local community, while contributing to ground-breaking projects, then WSP in Africa is the place for you.