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Environment & Energy

At WSP in Africa we specialise in identifying, evaluating and mitigating the business risks associated with environmental performance and energy security, and develop strategic and practical solutions.

We apply principles of sustainable development as we create these solutions and employ a multidisciplinary team of experts made up of experienced professionals and technicians. They have a solid track record in the areas of impact studies, environmental audits, environmental systems implementation and maintenance, water, air and soil characterisations, land remediation and environmental monitoring. Each and every one of our projects is undertaken with a solid commitment towards finding a balanced integration between human and natural environments. 

Our specialised expertise extends to strategic planning and socio-economic studies. Sustainable development is an integral part of WSP Africa's overall project vision – as soon as work on a project begins, every effort is made to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

  • Air Quality
    Air Quality

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  • Public Documents
    Public Documents

    As part of our Environment & Energy team's service to clients, certain documentation must be made available for publi...

  • Hydrogeology

    As water scarcity becomes an ever increasing concern, WSP in Africa performs a range of services to assist its client...

  • Geotechnical Investigation
    Geotechnical Investigation

    We offer a comprehensive service for investigating, testing and reporting on the geotechnical aspects of engineering ...

  • Waste Management
    Waste Management

    The overhaul of national waste management legislation and policy seeks to enable South Africa to align with internati...



Sean Doel
Sean Doel Managing Director
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