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Transport & Infrastructure

WSP's Civil & Structural engineering team has over 45 years’ experience in the design, contract administration and construction supervision of civil engineering projects in the public and private sectors. In addition, our unique coastal engineering capability is world-class.

Our projects range from international highways and ports to municipal infrastructure services and community based works programmes. Whether these involve new or existing infrastructure, we deliver comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solutions that facilitate optimal land use and development. 

Our professional workforce combines world-class knowledge and the ability to work closely with clients in the municipal, institutional and utility fields to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our portfolio includes a multitude of projects varying in size and scale in urban centres and rural communities throughout Africa. 

Our track record also includes a wide range of projects adapted to specific regional conditions. Our fully integrated environmental approach allows us to deliver solutions that support rapid urbanisation in Africa and the resulting demand for infrastructure development, while addressing related environmental pressures. 

Our Civil & Structural engineering team has extensive experience covering roads, railways, bridges, ports, water process plants, telecommunications and heavy industrial structures. Our engineers have the capability to deal both quantitatively and qualitatively with concepts, designs procurement and operations of major civil engineering projects. 

We provide specialised services in: 


  • Bridge planning and design
  • Highway and roads planning and engineering
  • Infrastructure development & management
  • Rail planning and engineering
  • Road safety audits
  • Route determination / feasibility studies
  • Traffic engineering 

Municipal engineering services: 

  • Bulk utility services supply and reticulation
  • Contract (works) documentation
  • Construction supervision
  • GIS applications
  • Institutional support / strengthening
  • Pavement engineering / Road rehabilitation
  • Pavement lifecycle strategy
  • Road pavement design / materials engineering
  •  Road rehabilitation design
  • Pavement management systems
  • Road maintenance design
  • Township services design 

Coastal engineering: 

  • Marine environmental data
  • Beach stabilisation
  • Rivers and estuaries
  • Port development
  • Small craft harbours and marinas
  • Offshore facilities
  • Seawater intakes and outfalls
  • Tourism and recreational developments
  • Marine structures
  • Breakwaters 

We have the specialist expertise and experience to cover all aspects of effective integration of infrastructure construction projects with their associated electrical, electronic and communications systems. This ranges from the provision of feasibility reports and trials to innovative designs and specification to project management, system commissioning and maintenance. 

We have been at the forefront of developing and introducing new technology into southern Africa, particularly in the field of road rehabilitation. We keep pace with advancing technology, using the most modern computer-aided design techniques and packages in the design of new freeways, all aspects of traffic engineering, the implementation of appropriate geometric standards for challenging terrain and low-cost construction for the upgrading of gravel tracks and minor roads.

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