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Mission, Vision, Values

We are a diverse group of individuals that include engineers, scientists, technicians, consultants and academics. We work together to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our core values support this, and create an environment where our people can flourish.


Our Mission statement defines why we exist, and our vision clearly identifies what we aspire to become. Our core values are the priorities we set for our practices and daily activities. 


Be a solution-driven advisor with outstanding expertise. 


Always be the first choice for clients, partners and employees. 




We must constantly look ahead, anticipating and responding to change with agility. We are problem-solvers who explore new ideas and we are driven to find the ideal solution. We challenge the status quo, think outside of the box, and learn from our experiences. We encourage and value informed initiative-taking. 


All our relationships are built on trust. We are transparent and ethical. We act with integrity, keep our word, and treat everyone with respect. We empower others and we feel empowered. 


Our strength is in the power of our collaboration and teamwork. We leverage our best-in-class skills, our best practices and our ideas locally and across the globe. 


We believe in providing quality and value in everything we do, to our clients and to our communities. We seek new project and client opportunities. We have a positive attitude and we flourish in an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere. 


This is reflected in our attention to client needs, and reinforced in our work environment by the way we support each other. We are socially responsible and have a positive impact on our communities. We diligently ensure that sustainable principles are woven into all that we do. We make health and safety a priority.


Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment

We embrace quality, health and safety and the environment and have developed an integrated policy which ensures that these issues are addressed in the management of our projects as well as in the management of our offices and sites.  For more information please contact Diane Liebenberg (Quality) and Adel Niemandt (Health & Safety and Environmental).