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Putting you first

WSP's Global Client Management (GCM) programme focuses on the development of long-term sustainable partnerships with our strategic global clients.


As your trusted advisor of choice our objective is to support you in your varied and challenging business environments to help you develop competitive advantage, reduced costs and increased profitability.

Each client is allocated a dedicated global client manager to provide you with a globally connected and seamless service across all our areas of expertise and in all your geographies. Our global client managers are senior professionals with a deep understanding of your market sectors and strong cultural appreciation through their international experience.  This, combined with their intimate knowledge of our Company's global capabilities enables us to deliver our very best service on your projects world-wide. 

Our global client managers are supported by experts and specialists from every region creating a global client community with a significant pool of talent to draw on in delivering best practice in every aspect of our technical, environmental and management solutions.



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