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WSP UK will be carbon neutral by 2025

"I am proud to have the opportunity to highlight some of our important progress in sustainability. I would like to thank our employees for their contributions in providing sustainable services and solutions for our clients, as well as for the efforts made to reduce our own environmental footprint in 2016." Paul Dollin, COO, WSP.


Anticipating the Future

We continue to believe that the most significant influence we can have in working towards a sustainable economy is through the advice our experts give to our clients. One of the guiding principles under our brand is that we are “future-focused and challenge the status quo”. “Future Ready”, our global client-facing program to help our clients prepare for the future, sits perfectly alongside the new brand.

Through our “Future Ready” advice, we consider the future as well as today, producing better outcomes and positioning WSP at the heart of the vital transition to a resilient and thriving society. We are proud that our “Future Ready” leadership was recognized, as WSP was one of the six finalists for Business in the Community’s Asda Environmental Leadership Award – one of the most prestigious awards for environmental leadership in the UK.

Adapting “Future Ready” to our regional operations takes considerable input and top-level commitment. We appointed one of our senior sustainability experts, David Symons, as the lead on implementing these services on a global level. I will remain the executive sponsor of the Program, which we see as a huge opportunity to make a difference in the market. In 2016, we intend to continue to embed “Future Ready” practices in our global operations, making particular progress in our Australian, Canadian and Middle Eastern markets.

2016 Sustainability Report infographic

Sustainability Progress

In 2016, we made progress on a number of our focus areas described in our previous sustainability report.

Strategy, Stakeholders and Governance

  • We introduced our updated global sustainability policy, to outline our objectives and approach to sustainability as a corporation and on behalf of our clients
  • We linked the objectives and approach outlined in our sustainability policy to our current sustainability reporting priorities (see table on page 18). This in turn highlights where to find information on our progress in the report

Employees and Communities

  • We reported on the majority of material employee metrics for a second year, allowing us to establish our first year-over-year comparison and spark valuable discussion on making progress as an employer
  • We continued to support our strong Health and Safety standards, and met our target to maintain an overall target Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) below 0.1

Clients and Projects

  • “Future Ready” was launched in our Middle East operations, is currently being launched in Australia and progress was made on launching the program in Canada
  • We earned a number of prestigious awards for sustainability in our client projects around the globe

Operational Excellence

  • We improved environmental data collection methods and coverage in key regions, with a view to better understanding our performance
  • We received verification of WSP’s 2016 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory from an independent third party

Moving Forward with Sustainability

In 2016, we were favourably rated by several agencies for our reporting; we also take their feedback seriously and act on it to further improve our future disclosure. In 2017, we will continue to implement recommended improvements to our data collection processes, to enhance our environmental and employee information reporting.

We intend to report further on our emissions measurement, management and reduction efforts in next year’s disclosure. The verification of our 2016 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory by a third party constitutes an important step as we begin planning to set and achieve an organization-wide emissions reduction target.

We also look forward to advancing the integration of "Future Ready" in our global operations; continuing to position ourselves through our thought leadership, and reporting on our progress in all areas. As the Global Leadership Team member responsible for leading sustainability improvements at WSP, I look forward to supporting and leading employees in their efforts to achieve these goals.