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What Sustainability means to us

For WSP in Africa sustainability is much more than just the good housekeeping involved in managing our business operations that our staff, clients and investors expect of us. For us it is also about ensuring the advice that we provide our clients results in sustainable outcomes.


Here the opportunity to really make a difference is huge. 

Our strategy clearly identifies the importance of integrating sustainability into everything we do. 

The importance of sustainability to WSP in Africa cannot be overstated. It is critical to our long-term business success, and to humanity. Across our businesses, we are increasingly helping our clients meet the demands of providing sustainable solutions in both the natural and built environment. 

We are clear on the important role WSP in Africa has to play in delivering a sustainable world, and we are investing our skills and capabilities to ensure our people offer the best possible service to our clients. We are using our talent to provide products and services that help the world to move to a low carbon, resource-efficient world and to adapt to the changes some countries are already experiencing. 

By changing our behaviours and how we run both our business and our lives day-to-day we can reduce the negative impact we have on the environment and communities, as well as create new business opportunities. 

We have set strategies across all our business areas and are taking action in all of these aspects.