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Design Management

Good design needs to be creative, but good design only works if the process is professionally managed to meet client objectives. Managing design efficiently and effectively cannot be ignored in order for the design to become a reality. Our design management specialists ensure neither creativity nor quality is compromised.


We understand the importance of creativity in design. Our aim is to deliver high-end solutions for all projects, by working with the technical service teams and external partners of public and private sector clients.

Design management requires in-depth technical understanding of the process coupled with a holistic management approach. Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring diverse skillsets and experiences. Our architects and civil, structural and building services engineers complement each other, enabling us to successfully deliver major projects.

Fruitful relationships with clients and partners

We challenge ourselves to constantly find better and more effective ways of delivering high-profile complex projects by:

  • Encouraging partnership between client, stakeholders and design teams
  • Providing client-focussed solutions
  • Enabling creative thought in a supportive management environment
  • Providing realistic solutions,  which represent value for money
  • Mitigating risk and maximizing opportunities
  • Positively managing change
  • Delivery through effective program management
  • Ensuring project financial probity