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Transport Planning


Transport networks are essential for economic prosperity and have far-reaching effects on society and the natural environment. Through good planning we can help make the right choices that find effective and sustainable strategies for improving our quality of life.

We can help clients make choices that balance economic prosperity with environmental protection, and help reduce social exclusion while safeguarding the needs of future generations.

We have a global network of specialists providing a broad range of transport planning advice and services to public and private sector clients worldwide. We offer solutions that range from planning Sweden's largest infrastructure projects to public transport strategies in the Middle East, and from delivering master plans for Romania's major cities to congestion-charging schemes in Vietnam.

Our core services include:

Policy and Research

Our transport and land-use planning services offer an integrated solution for clients seeking to develop long-term growth policies and strategies. We can provide expert analysis of land-use implications and strategic accessibility, and advice on planning and policy development, data management and freight strategy. Our policy and research teams are skilled at analyzing and processing large national, social and economic data sets to provide clients with an unrivalled platform to inform policy planning and decision-making.

Spatial Analysis

We help clients establish accessibility plans tailored to specific areas or to meeting particular challenges. Through analysis and consultation, we establish SMART targets and develop GIS applications to support and monitor progress. Our action plans are proven to result in improved accessibility, public transport and travel information, and to reduce both the need to travel and the cost, playing an important role in regeneration schemes.

Transport Modelling and Forecasting

Our specialist transport modelling teams are skilled in using the latest transport modelling software and GIS interfaces to construct comprehensive integrated transport models at national, regional and local levels, displaying them in a single user-friendly environment. We also have the expertise to carry out individual and area-wide junction assessments using micro-simulation techniques.

Public Transport Planning

We have proven experience in planning for all public transport modes, including conventional bus services, demand-responsive transport, intermediate modes, and light and heavy rail. From developing innovative technology to watertight business cases, our public transport teams lead the market, providing services that include strategic policy advice, demand forecasting, service planning and coordination, operational and business-case analysis, interchange design and travel planning.


Ensuring user safety is an increasingly important aspect of developing any transportation system, wherever it is in the world. WSP has established a range of specialist skills and services supporting transport system operators in meeting this challenge, including the development of best practice, accident investigation and prevention, safety review and audit, and audit of vulnerable and non-motorised users.

Financial and Economic Appraisals

We can help clients evaluate the value of proposed transport schemes in either financial or economic terms, and our analysts are highly experienced in applying a broad range of internationally recognised appraisal tools and frameworks. We understand that transport schemes must not only increase user capacity, but also have a positive environmental and economic impact, and improve accessibility and integration.