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Waste Management and Landfill

What should we do with the waste we generate? What is the potential for recycling materials during a building redevelopment or demolition? Should materials be sent to landfills or to energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities? How can we implement a program where food waste and other biodegradable waste can be converted into renewable energy? Can a city’s waste management system handle the growing stream of electronic waste?


We understand the issues clients face with respect to waste management activities. Governments and organizations from all industry sectors come to us seeking strategic advice and solutions to manage their waste more effectively and to integrate sustainable practices in the work environment.

As part of a leading global engineering professional services consulting firm, our engineers and waste management specialists advise public bodies on regional waste policies, implement waste minimization programs for large corporations, and design waste strategies for new developments and for new EfW facilities. We provide services ranging from technical feasibility studies of new waste technologies, gasification techniques, through to the management and disposal of solid, hazardous and clinical waste.

Familiar with major international and local waste regulations, international best practices as well as the latest innovations and technologies, WSP possesses the experience and expertise to develop and deliver innovative, environmentally sound and legally compliant solutions to mitigate today’s challenging waste management and regulatory issues.

Our services span:

  • strategy and policy development;
  • legislative advice;
  • waste audits and minimization strategies;
  • recycling and composting collection methods;
  • strategies and master plans for new developments;
  • site waste management plans;
  • environmental permitting;
  • mechanical, biological and thermal treatment options;
  • clinical and hazardous waste management;
  • procurement assistance;
  • technology appraisals and feasibility studies;
  • WRATE modelling;
  • waste composition analysis and program management.

We take a holistic approach across the waste hierarchy. Contact us to see how our solutions can deliver the best commercial returns while contributing to a more sustainable future.