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BIM Team Recognised at the Autodesk Awards

On 28 August, Kerry Properties was awarded with an Honourable Mention for the Building Information Modelling (BIM) work undertaken at The Bloomsway, in So Kwun Wat. Delivering 1,100 residential flats, The Bloomsway is one of the year’s largest property developments in Hong Kong.



Headed by Associate Director & Regional Senior BIM Manager Simon Ng, our team provided full BIM services for Architectural, Structural and MEP project needs.

Among the many challenges was how to create a workflow where many parties could collaborate quickly and effectively. Teams needed to quickly visualize design updates so all stakeholders could quickly process, review and develop the BIM model. The solution was to use a workflow “in the reverse,” where data was transferred through instant-rendering software that kept parties updated on the data-rich service drawings. 

Using this unique workflow proved highly effective across design and construction stages. The team also made use of the latest cloud-based technologies, leveraging the power of a strong data-driven workflow to support client needs and expectations.