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Eric Peissel

Vice President Transportation – Ontario


Our international coverage brings many more opportunities to all regions of the company.

My staff and I have assisted in delivering projects in several countries. More recently, we had the opportunity to send some of our staff to work overseas for extended periods of time, thereby offering new and unique challenges. Having an international platform allows us to better balance our workload and leverage our strengths worldwide.

Transportation offers a wide variety of challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, I would recommend that anyone starting a career in the field make sure that they take every occasion to explore the different facets of transportation. Also, teamwork is a very important part of achieving success, reaching out and working together is key to delivering the best possible product to our clients.

One thing that people are surprised to learn about me? That I hate coffee!

I am a high energy person and the fact that I do not drink coffee usually really surprises people. I always joke about it: ‘imagine me on an espresso!’

If you do a job, do it right.

That’s the best advice I’ve ever received. This sounds simple, but it is amazing how often I see things done incorrectly or only partially. Seeing something through and ensuring it is right has always served me well and has ensured that our clients are always happy.

Out of WSP’s five corporate values, ‘United’ is the one I identify with the most.

Working together as a team allows us to offer more than the sum of our parts. In my years with the firm I have had the pleasure of working with literally hundreds of WSP staff and have collaborated with our teams across Canada and even worldwide. When we join forces, WSP can deliver some amazing projects and we have an incredible depth along with great local knowledge. It always amazes me how much we can actually offer; we truly are a company of experts.